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The Castelmagno: the King of the Piedmontese Cheeses

The artisanal production of Castelmagno, a cow's milk cheese with minimum addictions of sheep's or goat's milk (from 5% to 20%). The Milk comes from the cows in mountain pasture following the ancient techniques. The Alpine huts are over 1600 metres height: here, the great variety and fragrance of the grass and flowers, enriched by the oat grass, gives Castelmagno excellent organoleptic characteristics. The technique of making Castelmagno consist of break of the curd in clumps as big as a grain of corn. The result is made dried off for 24 hours in cloth, after that there's another break in cubes, the result than acidify for 3 three days under buttermilk before being crushed and kneaded again adding some salt and than it is pressed in the shapes for one day. After that the Castelmagno ages in a natural environment for almost 120 days. The past is ivory and soft: after the maturation it acquires more compactness and a darker colour, sometimes with blu-green shades due to the development of the moulds responsible of the marbling.

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Bagoss: Cheese with a taste of saffron

An Alpine hut cheese which reminds of the Alpine pasture perfumes, the agricultural passion of Bagolino people and the golden colour due to the addition of saffron in the curd. The definition of Bagoss in reserved only to those cheeses that are exclusively produced within the district of Bagolino using raw milk coming mainly from Brune Alpine cows.
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Ode to the Bitto, the enduring Valtellina cheese

The Bitto Storico is an artisanal product, it is produced only during the summer in the 12 authorized mountain pasture. The cattle, Bruno Alpine race cows and orobic race goats, is carried on the pastures in June and remains there until September. This product is born in the Valli Orobiche and the alpine pastures, and it is the result of the meeting of humidity, temperature and manual skills. The area Bitto DOP production area includes the province of Sondrio and the districts of the high Brembana valley. The Bitto Storico production area instead is limited on the Orobiche Pre-Alps, between the provinces of Sondrio, Bergamo and Lecco. The main valleys of production are Gerola and Albaredo, the valleys of Bitto. In addition to the taste rich in herbaceous aromas and perfumes, the Bitto improves with the passing of time. Its success is due to the aging too, a Bitto wheel can be conserved for over 10 years. The purists are horrified by the idea of using it in some recipes, so they enjoy it purely, slowly, to maintain on the palate the aromas of flowers and august herbs. It melts instantly in the mouth and it lives aromas of dried fruit, butter, hay, dried flowers. The Bitto gives its best at an environment temperature, so before enjoying it take it far from cold places for half a day.

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Apulian Stracciatella - Caseificio Voglia di Latte

Stracciatella is a typical Apulia cheese. To obtain a good stracciatella, the cream must the as fresher as possible. It is white milk colored, without any crust fibers and holes. Its taste is fresh and slightly acid, its aroma is dedicate. Stracciatella is produced using cow's milk mozzarella. Stracciatella, if very fresh, has a so much pleasant taste that must be eaten alone and not accompanied with anything. Anyway there are a lot of recipes which include the stracciatellal, among which some first dish like orecchiette, the stuffed courgette flower, toasted bread and omelette. It matches perfectly with dry white wines. The production of the Caseificio Voglia di Latte follows artisanal methods, guided by the wise dairy traditions which guarantee the genuineness and freshness of the product.

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Grana Padano DOP

This hard cheese is made from raw cow's milk and rennet. Two days after the production of the loaves they are cured immerging them in a brine.

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do you ship Tuma dal Paja to the UK?
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when will the canestrato pugliese cheese be available for purchaes?
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mi piacerebbe comprare una forma di formaggio per usarla come piatto per condire risotto
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